Saturday, May 13, 2006


Most people are aware that Local Government Ombudsmen (LGO) were set up by the Government in 1974. However, many people do not realise that the organisation Justice had a large part to play in the Government of the day's decision to introduce them.

Ombudsmen also have their own association known as the BIOA (British and Irish Ombudsman Association). As with many organisations the BIOA have entry criteria. One of the these being accountability.

Legally there is nothing to stop anyone calling themselves an Ombudsman. However, membership of the BOIA is supposed to be limited to those that meet the criteria.

Following further research I found that Justice are on record stating that the LGO are not accountable but they should be.

Even the LGO have stated that they would like to be accountable. The implication being that they are not yet accountable.

So how did they become members of the BOIA?

Probably because they are founder members of the association and as with maladministration they don't always practice what they preach.

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