Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Believe the culprit

As I stated in my introduction over the next few months I will be posting details of a large number of devious tactics used by the Local Government Ombudsman to block perfectly valid complaints of maladministration. This tactic has been used on me and hundreds if not thousands of other complainants.

Following the submission of your complaint the Ombudsman just rings up the Council to discuss it (in secret of course). If the Council advise the Ombudsman there is nothing for them to investigate (or misleads them in other ways) the Ombudsman simply believes them and terminates your complaint. I even have a letter from a Deputy Ombudsman who suggests there is nothing wrong with that approach. I also have an investigator on tape naively stating that the Council would not mislead them. This is what happened to Mr and Mrs Balchin during 1991 and many hundreds of others over the last few years. (The Balchin's is a well known case that proves that beyond a shadow of a doubt. It took them nearly 20 years to obtain the justice they deserved because of the Local Government Ombudsman prefers to accept the word of a Council rather than investigating a complaint properly)

No matter how strong your evidence is the Ombudsman refuses to look at it and accepts the word of the Council. In my case I had third party evidence which the Ombudsman flatly refused to look at.

In spite of that the Local Government Ombudsman still maintain they are impartial.

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