Saturday, May 13, 2006

BMG Qualitative Survey

During the latest BMG survey for the Local Government Ombudsmen (LGO) they tried the old technique of association. Most people will have either played this game or been involved in a training session during which it was used. A common variation is to pick a fruit or vegetable that you feel best describes yourself/someone else.

BMG decided to use cars/mode of transport rather than fruit and vegetables. During their sessions they asked LGO staff what car best describes the service. The answers below provide an interesting insight as well as a little light relief.

LGO senior staff.

‘An elegant old car. Elegance associated with high quality, reliability, very high standards and strong professionalism. But perhaps a little out of date.’

‘There is a lot under the bonnet that is unused’.

There certainly is!

LGO junior staff.

‘A stopping train, it can take a long time as there are quite a few stops and starts along the way and it can take longer than you expect. Our customers might pick the same.’

Even British Rail never took 9 years to reach their destination.

I for one would pick the following

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