Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Evangelical agenda

The Honourable Mr Justice Lightman gave a lecture during March 2001. Although his lecture was essentially about the Pensions Ombudsman many of the issues he addressed are valid for all Public Sector Ombudsmen including the Local Government Ombudsman.

'the Ombudsman clearly has his own evangelical agenda which he takes his every opportunity to take a high profile stance to propagate not least through his lectures and Annual reports. As is clear from the quotations from his statements which I have already made, he respects none of the constraints to be expected of a judicial officer respecting decisions made by superior courts, but conducts campaigns in furtherance of his ideas casting ridicule on those members of the judiciary who have the temerity to disagree with him. Respectfully I would venture the comment: few postures are so unbecoming as a judge whatever his level in the judicial hierarchy for ever in the missionary position. This must give him the appearance of being, if he is not thereby constituted, an interested party in his own decisions. The obviation of this cloud must be a further factor favouring transferring the adjudicatory role to a Tribunal.'

The Local Government Ombudsmen also have their own evangelical agenda,

Extracts from the Local Government Ombudsman corporate plan 2006 to 2009, Maximise positive publicity............prompt response to negative publicity. Conducting a campaign in furtherance of their ideas?

In essence they carefully select the few complaints which they believe will enhance their reputation whilst burying the other 99% of complaints submitted to them.

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