Wednesday, May 10, 2006

LGO Comeback Procedure

The Local Government Ombudsman's comeback procedure states:

The term comeback is used when a complaint has been determined without a formal report and the complainant alleges that one or more of the following apply:

1) The complaint, or a material part of it, has not been understood by the commission’s staff;

2) Evidence submitted before termination has not been taken into account;

3) The council has not been telling the true story and evidence of this is provided; or

4) New information has been supplied about the original complaint.

If the complainant meets any one of the stated criteria, the initial decision not to investigate their complaint should be properly reviewed by a senior officer.

1 comment:

  1. Your experience mirrors mine over 2 years the LGO have ignored that the LA ignored MCA and other Acts take every word the LA says as truth do not validate or verify anything said by the LA
    I am not shocked by your blog the writing has been on the wall re injustice and LA for many years but no one really cares unless it affects them
    The question is how to gather momentum with others to actually get something done ? - I sent 3 letters recorded and signed for to Dr Jane Martin head of the LGO re raising complaint re the procedure to date - no response no acknowledgement no complaints procedure followed ad infinitum avoidance same as the council - I made a complaint to the LA recently - they ignored complaints policy and said it was on hold - how can that be - wrote to LGO they thought it fine that the LA ignored its own policy as they often do and sent me back the to LA - a simple matter to address - no it happens all the time - government guidelines re complaints procedures 2009 for authorities ignored - government Acts ignored - FOI requests fudged - at every turn the subjugation of the population is rife but how do we get it addressed?