Thursday, May 11, 2006

LGO logic

Following the submission of my comeback request an Assistant Ombudsman stated that I did not meet the criteria for comeback. However, he thought I had a good case for a new investigation because the council had misled the Ombudsman.

Ironically one of the criteria that allows the Ombudsman to comeback on a complaint is if the council has misled the Ombudsman. (Please refer to my Comeback Procedure posting for more details. Criteria 3) The council has not been telling the true story and evidence of this is provided.)

This is a typical example of the irrationality of the Ombudsman’s office.

You can have comeback on your original complaint if the council misled the Ombudsman but you don’t meet the criteria for comeback so you will have to submit a new complaint because the council misled the Ombudsman.

Enough to make your brain hurt? The Ombudsman regularly expose the irrationality of their decisions when trying to rationalise their decisions. More examples will follow.

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