Tuesday, May 30, 2006


During my fight for justice I attempted to enlist the help of my MP. Initially he showed great interest (around election time) but quickly grew tired and just gave up suggesting that there was nothing more he could do (after he had been re elected).

I was very disappointed that an elected representative could not help one of his constituents who was suffering significant injustice as a result of the maladministration of an unaccountable none elected public authority.

If MPs aren’t interested in protected their constituents from injustice caused by unaccountable and none elected authority then who is? MPs collectively gave these unaccountable authorities the statutory power to ruin peoples lives, so you would think they could remove those powers when they are being abused.

As a result, with a few exceptions, I now have no time for MPs. There is, however, one MP who I consider an exception to the rule and that’s the MP who supported the Balchins during their long fight for justice. Just a pity MPs of that calibre are so few and far between.

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