Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mulberry bush

Once more round the mulberry bush. This is a very versatile tactic and is used when the Local Government Ombudsmen run out of other ways to block your complaint, adverse publicity or Judicial Reviews.

They offer to review or look at your complaint again, this usually involves other members of staff getting involved forcing you to start at the beginning again.

Even worse, whilst you are going round the mulberry bush for the second (or third) time they even try to use the same devious tricks they used the first time. This has happened to me just recently, I couldn’t believe it when the Assistant Ombudsman who was asked to review my case tried to use the same old tactics that the previous Assistant Ombudsman had already used.

In the Balchins case they used the ‘once more round the mulberry bush’ tactic to hide the fact that they were the cause of 14 years of suffering by Mr and Mrs Balchin.

In other cases they frequently use the mulberry bush offer to block/derail Judicial Reviews.

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