Thursday, May 25, 2006

Performance related pay

During 2005 an Investigator working for the Local Government Ombudsman stated

‘..they’ve introduced this performance related pay; it came in for the first time last year and the investigators, I have to say we said it would influence the decision making process. We were not listened to. I mean that’s the top and bottom of it. But you know it has inevitably; I mean the government accepts that it has. But it was accepted that the upside is greater than that marginal downside, I think it’s a fact of life with which we all have to live nowadays…’

Now we know why decisions are rushed and they don’t like comebacks.

‘Marginal downside’, just a few hundred lives ruined because the system now allows investigators without integrity to make more money by reaching a quick decision rather than investigating a complaint properly.

‘I think it’s a fact of life with which we all have to live nowadays’ they live with their bonus, the government lives with a greater throughput of cases, the councils live with fewer findings of maladministration whilst the poor old complainant has to live with the suffering that it causes, very equitable.

A win, win, win, stuff the complainant fact of life? All thanks to the Ombudsman.

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