Thursday, May 11, 2006

Statistical manipulation

Statistically speaking, the Ombudsman claims to have dealt with three complaints of mine since 1997, whilst in reality they have failed to resolve one.

They even argue that I should submit another ‘new’ (fourth) complaint. When will it end?

Just how many statistically resolved complaints does the Ombudsman want to squeeze out of one complaint. If their statistics show that they have resolved three complaints from me over the last 9 years, when in reality they haven't resolved one, you can understand why the Government, and other casual observers, consider they are doing a good job. If only they knew the truth.

The three English Local Government Ombudsmen handle about 18,000 cases a year. For argument sake let's say they handled 150,000 over the last 9 years. Did they actually resolve 150,000 cases or are the same 50,000 cases just being churned? An extreme example maybe but with no idependant auditing of the Ombudsman's statistics who knows what the truth is?

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