Friday, October 12, 2012

Has the LGO improved since the select committee report?

The Select Committee Report following their Inquiry into the Local Government Ombudsman was published on the 17 July 2012.

For those not wanting to wade through the full report I extracted the main failings of the Local Government Ombudsman from the select committee report.

As expected the LGO tried to defend themselves by responding to the panning they received in the select committee report. This is my analysis of that damage limitation exercise .

Following publication of the report the LGO naturally received damning criticism from many quarters not least from Simon Danczuk MP.

As expected the LGO once again tried to defend themselves by responding to the article written by Simon Danczuk MP and published in the Guardian. This is my analysis of that damage limitation exercise.

On the 7th September the LGO made a third damage limitation attempt. This is my analysis of that damage limitation exercise.

It is now nearly 3 months since the select committee published their report, which lead me to the question I asked in the title of this post.

Has the LGO improved since the select committee report? I would argue that the answer to that question is no.

Whilst there is no doubt the LGO have been busy with their evangelical agenda, for example in the month prior to the launch of the select committee inquiry into the Local Government Ombudsman they only highlight 1 case of wrongdoing, However, the month after they they highlighted 7 of wrongdoing.

Again in the month prior to the select committee report being published they highlighted only 1 case of wrongdoing but in the month after the damning criticism they highlighted 6 cases of wrongdoing.

In the following 7 weeks to date (12 October 2012)  they have highlighted 9 cases of wrongdoing.

Therefore, it appears to me that they only worry about reporting cases of wrongdoing when they are under the spotlight or have been criticised.

I have also been contacted by a number of people who have had dealings with the LGO since they were criticised by the select committee and a common thread in their complaints about the LGO is that the LGO investigators are still accepting the word of the council no matter how much evidence to the contrary is available.

I can only conclude that the LGO haven't improved because they are still using the devious practices they developed over the last 20 years or so which includes, smoke & mirrors, spin and bullshit to  to give the false impression they have improved.

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